We’re all familiar with app crashes. But how familiar is your team with Application Not Responding (ANR)? In both cases, user experience is impacted, which affects revenue and reputation. In the Android ecosystem, your Google Play Store ranking is affected by the number of ANRs. This directly impacts your visibility and organic installs.

In this eBook, you’ll learn why the complex mobile – and Android – ecosystem makes it so difficult to identify, prioritize, and solve ANRs.

  1. Mobile Is More Complex Than Web
  2. No Visibility Into the True Scope of the Problem
  3. No Consistent Source of ANR Data
  4. Insufficient Data to See the Pattern in Your ANRs
  5. Unhelpful Stack Trace Grouping Methodology

The Google Play Store only reports ANRs when the main thread has been blocked for five full seconds. That’s a long time for your users to wait around for an unresponsive app or game! It’s highly likely they’ll force quit before they even see Google’s termination prompt. Thus, relying on Google’s ANR data will likely result in severe under-reporting of the true scope of the problem.

It’s also challenging to pinpoint the exact cause of ANRs, which requires understanding the technical events and user behavior that led up to the freeze. You want stack traces from as close to the start of an ANR as possible. Since the Google Play Console only provides the final stack trace taken at the end of the ANR, your team ends up on wild goose chases trying to identify root causes.

Whether you’re a mobile engineer directly responsible for fixing ANRs, or a business stakeholder tasked with ramping up revenue and user numbers, you’ll pick up some key takeaways from this eBook.

You’ll learn about Embrace, a data driven toolset to help mobile engineers build better experiences. It collects 100% of mobile user experience data from 100% of sessions. Embrace doesn’t wait for an ANR to happen. It monitors your app or game continuously and captures a stack trace as soon as the main thread is blocked for 1+ second. This gives you immediate insight into the code your app is executing and how it evolves throughout an ANR. The traces are grouped by packages, which helps your mobile team understand which sections of code are most likely to be contributing to ANRs. And, Embrace visualizes ANRs in flame graphs. This unique visualization gives your team immediate, aggregated visibility so you can pinpoint exactly where high-impact ANRs are hurting your business the most.

Download this eBook today and learn how to identify and prioritize ANRs rapidly to invest your engineering resources into the ones that impact your revenue and reputation the most. After all, usage patterns that drive the most revenue should be protected – and fixed – first. Optimize your time and resources while protecting your Google Play Store rankings and ensure your users and revenue are protected now and in the future.