Learn how to solve Unity ANRs and boost Play Store ranking — Thursday, Sept. 28 at 10AM PT

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Resolve freezes
faster with intelligent
ANR Reporting

Build top ranking Android apps with real-time production-level
ANR insights paired with deep user session context to help you
prioritize and resolve ANRs.

anr monitoring

Know where to focus ANR resolution efforts with precision using advanced ANR groupings

  • Prioritize ANR resolution with advanced ANR groupings based on high volume packages and methods in ANR stack traces to see the high level impact of 1st and 3rd party code on ANR rates instead of relying on misleading isolated stack traces.
  • Spot ANR risk with a top-level overview of metrics like ANR free sessions, ANR free users, ANR percentages users and much more over time.
  • Isolate the impact of specific ANRs that matter with out-of-the-box filtering and grouping capabilities with no query language or coding required.

Identify the true nature of an ANR with every stack trace captured, for every ANR, in every session

  • Surface the most common line of code that contributed to the ANR with powerful flame graphs for each package and method with multiple stack traces captured every 100ms.
  • Pivot seamlessly to an in-depth out-of-the-box timeline of every behavioral and technical detail for each user session leading up to the ANR.
  • Correlate ANRs with version, device, user impact and other factors to see if new releases or features are causing a higher rate of ANRs.

Boost growth and retention with
improved rankings and better
technical performance

  • Seamlessly correlate ANRs against other crashes and errors that are causing poor app performance without switching platforms or systems.
  • Don’t build in the dark, Embrace ANRs gives every developer access to high fidelity ANR insights and user context so teams can continue to build experiences that users love.
Embrace testimonials Embrace testimonials

Since implementing this solution, we have consistently been below the ANR threshold, which has considerably increased the frequency that the game is featured in the Play Store

Lucas Klegan

Manager of Eng Ops

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Lucas Klegan

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