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How Atlas Reality creates a seamless in-app purchase process with Embrace

Learn how Atlas Reality reduced their in-app purchase failures by 75% and improved player experiences using Embrace.

Atlas Reality is the company behind the hit game ATLAS:EARTH. Their app is a mixed reality mobile game where players complete objectives to earn in-game currency for the purpose of purchasing virtual plots of land.

In addition to the virtual currency they earn, players can also purchase virtual currency through the in-game store.

Due to the importance of in-game currency, the purchase process must be flawless, or it will have an outsized negative impact on the overall player experience. As the Atlas Reality team quickly discovered, optimizing this process requires a level of insight into their player experiences that basic mobile tooling can’t provide.

In order to uncover the root cause of the issue, Atlas Reality turned to Embrace to forge a clear path to resolution.

With the superior data and tooling Embrace provides, the Atlas Reality team easily implemented breadcrumbs that uncovered previously obscured issues. Ultimately, Embrace helped them pinpoint a recurring failed network call at the root cause of the issue.

An example of Embrace's Network Monitoring dashboard. This is a feature Atlas Reality leveraged to decrease in-app purchase failures by more than 75%

“Before Embrace, we struggled to reproduce issues and identify the source of problems,” said Beau Button, Atlas Reality CTO. “With Embrace, we’re able to solve issues fast, with full clarity.”

With better data and insights at their disposal, the team discovered that in-app purchase receipts weren’t delivered to the backend for validation. 

After Atlas Reality worked to resolve this issue, they noticed a significant decrease in the amount of support tickets from users and a significant reduction of in-app purchase failure by more than 75%.

Atlas Reality continues to leverage Embrace’s powerful features and capabilities to help ensure a superior gaming experience for their players. The data Embrace provides is clear and actionable; vitally important if your goal is to create mobile gaming experiences that meet and exceed player expectations.

Learn more about Atlas Reality and how they’ve improved their mobile app with Embrace by reading their full case study, here.

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