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App Performance

How TextNow transformed mobile app performance with Embrace

Find out how TextNow improved their mobile app performance and surpassed user expectations using tools from Embrace.

In highly-competitive markets like communications, mobile app performance is not just a necessity; it’s a critical competitive edge.

As a company on a mission to democratize phone service, TextNow understands and embodies this mentality of excellence.

However, building a highly-performant app and being able to maintain quality as you innovate on new features, requires equally high-quality mobile data and insights.

A key reason TextNow made the switch from Firebase to Embrace.

Challenge: Limited visibility and data accuracy

TextNow’s challenge began with the deprecation of Fabric, forcing them to rely solely on Firebase.

Without the insights Fabric provided, TextNow quickly unearthed critical issues with Firebase as a standalone solution: limited visibility into issues, a lack of debugging capabilities, and data inaccuracies.

Many app developers who once relied on Fabric have faced similar struggles, especially when ensuring seamless user experiences is paramount. TextNow needed to find a solution that could offer comprehensive, accurate data and effective debugging tools.

Embracing better mobile data

TextNow discovered Embrace, a trusted solution for top-ranking mobile apps that helps engineers incorporate issue and opportunity discovery into their everyday workflows.

Since Embrace never samples or rate-limits data, it can provide the most accurate picture of a mobile app’s performance which enables great efficiencies within engineering orgs — a crucial differentiator for TextNow.

Embrace’s comprehensive suite of tools, including its unique dashboards and ANR reporting, allowed TextNow to gain an in-depth understanding of their app’s performance and user experiences. One of the key results that stand out in their journey is the enhanced ability to differentiate startup behavior for various user flows, optimizing startup times and outmaneuvering bot behavior.

Optimizing app performance: A closer look

Through Embrace, TextNow could dissect startup times, understanding different user scenarios, from cold starts to app launches from notifications.

This granularity in data was not just about numbers; it was about understanding real user interactions and protecting the integrity of their app from fraudulent activities.

Beyond data: Enhancing user experience

The transformation went beyond mere data analysis.

TextNow, catering to a diverse customer base, needed a solution that resonated with its commitment to providing affordable, flexible phone services.

Embrace’s detailed session data became an invaluable asset for their customer care team, enabling them to offer a more personalized, efficient service.

Learn more about TextNow and Embrace

TextNow’s journey with Embrace highlights the pivotal role of accurate, comprehensive mobile app data in enhancing user experience and app performance.

It’s a testament to how the right tools can help leading apps like TextNow maintain and even improve their app’s trajectory.

To learn more about TextNow and how they’ve leveraged Embrace for improved visibility and debugging capabilities, enhanced data accuracy and analysis, and optimized app performance, read the full case study here.

Embrace Learn more about TextNow and Embrace

Learn more about TextNow leveraged Embrace for improved visibility and debugging capabilities, enhanced data accuracy and analysis, and optimized app performance.

Read the case study

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