Embrace & Grafana Labs bring modern observability to mobile apps

Full-stack observability with unparalleled visibility into mobile user experiences

Embrace’s go-to-market partnership with Grafana Labs is revolutionizing mobile app observability through OpenTelemetry. This collaboration integrates Embrace’s mobile telemetry with Grafana Labs’ backend performance data, providing a seamless workflow for SREs, DevOps, and mobile developers.

With this partnership, users will gain full-stack observability, offering unparalleled visibility into mobile user experiences, empowering developers to prevent issues that reduce user engagement and increase churn. Experience modern observability with Embrace and Grafana Labs for a comprehensive understanding of end-user impact and health.

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Connect frontend mobile telemetry to backend performance data for true, modern end-to-end observability

Embrace’s partnership with Grafana gives engineers a way to connect critical mobile telemetry with data collected about their network, cloud services, and physical infrastructure for true end-to-end visibility across the system. Users have the option of manually querying their data via Embrace’s APIs, or setting up direct forwarding of metrics and traces to Grafana’s cloud services.

Embrace’s mobile SDKs first capture data from your end user’s devices, following the OpenTelemetry data model and standards. Data is processed through our core tech stack before being ready for querying in Grafana OSS, or being sent directly to Grafana’s Mimir-powered Metrics and Tempo-powered Traces services. Both metrics and traces that are forwarded directly to your Grafana Cloud instance are sent using the OpenTelemetry Protocol via HTTP.

Query your data in Grafana:

  • Metrics Querying: Use Embrace’s Metrics API to query metrics – whether default mobile metrics or Custom Metrics you build yourself in the platform – directly in Grafana OSS using the PromQL query language.
  • Trace Querying: Use Embrace’s Spans API to query your mobile spans directly in Grafana OSS using the OpenTelemetry query language TraceQL.

Forward your data to Grafana automatically:

  • Metrics Forwarding: Embrace automatically forwards your default and/or Custom Metrics directly to Grafana’s Mimir-powered Metrics Service.
  • Trace Forwarding: Embrace automatically forwards your network spans directly to Grafana’s Tempo-powered Traces service.
We’re thrilled to make it even easier for innovators who work with Grafana to see and act on a modern observability dataset from mobile apps to connect technical failures all the way from the cloud to a user’s device, and then to business outcomes.
Andrew Tunall Chief Product Officer, Embrace




Network Spans Forwarding Walk-through

Watch a 3-minute walk-through for Network Spans Forwarding. This feature is designed to enhance your mobile development and debugging experience by integrating mobile context into your existing observability stack.

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