The ultimate mobile crash solver

Identify more crashes and resolve them faster than with any other crash reporter.

Finally solve the unsolvable crash

Get more actionable data than on any other platform.

  • Instantly identify the cause from complete session-level data. Reproduce the entire user session, including all views/activities, taps, logs, and network calls and in the order they happened.
  • Achieve unparalleled crash coverage that Crashlytics can’t touch. For example, iOS background task exceptions do not generate crash reports, and yet Embrace detects underlying signals to identify all crashes and their causes.
  • Don’t solve the same crash twice. A singular bug can manifest as several different crash traces. To save time and frustration, Embrace de-dupes and categorizes them under one root cause.

The enterprise crash reporter

Typical crash reporters are built for the masses and lack the depth required to solve the most
difficult problems. Embrace is purpose-built for the scale and unique needs of the world’s top apps.

Typical crash reporter Embrace, the best-in-class crash solver
Aggregate counts for crashes, handled exceptions and error logging

PLUS full details for every user session:

  • Views, user flows, and taps
  • Network calls
  • Logs and breadcrumbs
  • Device information
Simple stability metrics based on crashes and errors

PLUS app health defined by both:

  • Performance – how the user experienced the app
  • Stability – the impact of the error
Correlations with releases, tags, operating systems and devices

PLUS advanced real-time alerts to surface issues unique to your:

  • App usage
  • Infrastructure

Detect all crash-like issues forcing users to leave your app

Your 99.95% crash-free rate does not account for bad app experiences that cause churn without sending a crash report.

Identify and solve every type of bad experience, such as:

Startup delays and abandonment
User Termination
Extremely slow user flows (e.g. startup, purchase flows)
Broken Buttons
App-not-responsive... but recovers. (Yes, they happen and more than you know!)

An advanced algorithmic approach to proactively solve “crashes”

Embrace uses machine learning and custom analysis to identify and solve errors that server-focused solutions simply cannot.

  • Auto-repair on the client device – with a simple toggle to approve, Embrace can identify and fix errors as soon as the user experiences them on their device.
  • Blank white screens forcing users to leave – Embrace detects thread terminations, like web views, that go undetected and impact each of your users.
  • Automatically reclassify misidentified crashes – uncover Watchdog, CollectionView, and Auto Layout exceptions that were masquerading as OOMs, a memory register or other random artifact in a trace, or were never reported.
  • Solve the true root cause of every ANR – other tools only capture the random stack trace at the end of an ANR, whereas Embrace presents the true root cause by analyzing the lifecycle of a freeze from beginning to end.

Crash reporting specific to your coding language

Did you know each language, whether Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, Java, or React Native, differs in the definition of an exception? Yet tools treat every crash the same. With Embrace, evolve as your code evolves or risk being left behind.

Your crash reporting solution cannot rely solely on stack traces. In fact, trends, like SwiftUI, exception-safe runtimes, and PWA, take the “real” stack trace out entirely. You need an approach that both gathers more optimal data sources and focuses on reproducing what led to the “exception.”

Identify and resolve more crashes, decrease churn, and increase user retention starting today