Embrace’s iOS and Android SDKs are now built on OpenTelemetry!

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Identify Issues Faster with Error Tracking

Unlock insights into every type of error by combining error logging with rich user play-by-plays – so you can spend less time problem-solving and more time building great features.

error tracking

Measure the impact of errors on
your end users with a dedicated
logs dashboard, and prioritize
like a pro

  • Get a unified view of handled exceptions, unhandled exceptions, warnings, and info logs across your app versions to quickly spot and tackle high-impact issues or regressions.
  • Filter logs by device type, manufacture, OS, state, and even customizable attributes to understand which of your users are most affected and get to the root cause faster.

Achieve resolution by examining
each error in the context of the
full app experience with user
session play-by-plays

  • View all issues within the User Timeline to understand the end user’s actions and  intentions, and how these led up to an error.
  • Explore the connection between errors and other key activities, such as network calls, connectivity switches, and UI events like taps or scrolls to get to the root cause quicker.
  • Examine stack traces for every error to surface code-level insights directly in the User Timeline.

Collaborate on errors directly
within the platform to track and
resolve them efficiently.

  • Assign owners, change status, and view an issue’s resolution history.
  • Sync directly with email, Slack, and JIRA to keep track of your issue workflow in the tool that works best for your team.
  • Export issue reports to share updates across teams and make high-level decisions with critical insights.
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Our most engaged users download up to 50 simulations to study, and they were having the worst experience. So beyond discovering the cause of a problem, Embrace helps us understand which ones to prioritize because we know which of our users are most affected.

Tim Chilvers

Head of Mobile

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