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Integrations that do
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Embrace’s mobile insights help your teams build incredible
user experiences. Now, you can bring those insights into your
existing tools and systems with our out-of-the box integrations.
We’re constantly adding new integrations, so check back here
for updates.

Workflow Integrations

Sync Embrace with Slack, Teams, Jira, and other popular workflow management systems. Streamline your resolution process by opening issues, assigning tasks, and receiving alerts directly in the tools you already use for everyday communication.

API Integrations

Plug-and-play integrations with tools like Grafana give you a seamless interface to use the Embrace Metrics API. Mine for insights in real-time, create powerful data visualizations, and pull mobile signals into your full data ecosystem, with more integrations to come. Learn more about the Metrics API.

Workflow Integrations
API Integrations


Get true end-to-end visibility into your app’s health and performance with Data Destinations. These integrations let you forward critical mobile metrics into the centralized monitoring, security, or analytics system you’re already using for your backend – whether that’s Datadog, New Relic, Snowflake, S3, or (coming soon) other services.

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Interested in becoming a
tech partner?


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