Your endpoints are broken. You just don't know it.

Without device-side monitoring, you can't know the full health of your network.

Graph of network endpoint behavior

100% of our customers instantly discover bad endpoints once they integrate with us.

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The hardest crashes to fix are network-related

A stack trace is often not enough to solve crashes, freezes, and log errors. You need to know the bad network calls in the session that led to your problem.

We don't sample. Investigate any session with our User Timeline.

See every network call, good or bad, in every session.

Stack trace that ends in a crash
A User Timeline showing the network calls leading up to a crash

Prove to your backend team that the call is broken

Your backend team tells you everything is fine, but they incorrectly rely on server-side tools, such as AppDynamics, New Relic, and DynaTrace. Those tools can't capture the full story.

What about network calls that are attempted by devices that never make it to the servers? You need a monitoring solution that's device-side to get full visibility into all network requests.

We'll show you errors on your endpoints, including 4xxs, 5xxs, timeouts, and connection errors.

Trace any call between the device and the backend. We connect to every server-side tool.

Top 5 domains with 5xx errors
Domains with the most 5xx errors
4xx errors and connection errors
Automatically generated network insights

Review the response body in production for faster debugging

You'll finally be able to see everything that happened in any network call for any user. See headers, query params, and the response body.

We're all about privacy. We don't collect PII.

We only capture what you tell us to capture, then we delete it immediately upon providing it to you.

We allow you to encrypt the captured payloads so only you can view them.

Network body capture in JSON
Example response body

Full support for GraphQL and other network libraries

Take what was a single endpoint and break it out into multiple endpoints for REST-like monitoring. We also support non-HTTPS protocols like gRPC.

GraphQL endpoints
Individual GraphQL endpoints

Proactively get notified when things go wrong

You need alerts when things go south. Set up Slack notifications and email alerts on bad endpoints based on your custom thresholds.

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100% of apps have network errors. Your APM isn't catching them.