Case Study

Leveling up player satisfaction: Lihuhu Games reduces ANRs, achieves >99% crash-free rate with Embrace

Key Results

  • Improved crash-free rate to >99%: Embrace dramatically improved Lihuhu Games’ crash-free rates by more than 3%.
  • Decreased debugging times: Embrace helped Lihuhu swiftly address complex user issues, improving user experience, and cutting debugging time down from weeks to 1-2 days.
  • Lower ANRs, higher rankings: Embrace’s detailed analytics and proactive monitoring helped Lihuhu optimize their mobile gaming apps, leading to a significant drop in ANR rates and improved Play Store visibility.


Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, Lihuhu Games has become a prominent player in the mobile gaming industry under the visionary leadership of CEO Le Huy.

The company has developed over 91 mobile games, achieving over 5.8 million downloads across Android and iOS platforms, and publishing popular titles like Match Triple 3D and Mahjong Triple 3D.

Their commitment to high-quality gameplay and strict adherence to the technical standards of major app stores has been instrumental in their success. To maintain their success and build better mobile experiences for their players, Lihuhu turned to Embrace.


They faced significant issues with app stability, primarily due to the use of multiple, inadequate tools for crash and ANR (Application Not Responding) detection. This led to extended resolution times for crashes, negatively impacting user experience and straining development resources.

Le, Lihuhu’s CEO, stressed the importance of this issue, noting “It’s difficult building an app in the competitive mobile gaming landscape.

Lihuhu’s primary challenge was delivering uninterrupted, high-quality mobile gaming experiences in a highly competitive market.

“It demands a flawless user experience to foster user loyalty. Constantly updating the app based on user feedback is necessary, but the challenge lies in the timely resolution of the issues users face.”

Relying on basic, disconnected systems to monitor their mobile apps was not only unsustainable, but was hurting Lihuhu’s ability to build on their past successes and continue their growth in a highly competitive space.

Without Embrace, Lihuhu struggled to achieve and maintain a greater than 99% crash free rate, and experienced equal pain in rooting out ANRs. Lihuhu engineers, with little data to work from, spent weeks trying to debug issues that — given the right tools — could be resolved in just a day or two.


The adoption of Embrace brought about significant improvements in Lihuhu’s app performance:

  • Crash Rate Reduction: Upon integrating Embrace, Lihuhu discovered a concerning drop in user engagement that had gone unnoticed. Leveraging Embrace’s Crash Reporting feature, Lihuhu was able to easily view a timeline of every technical and behavioral detail leading up to the crash, without the need to cobble together log or crash data. What they saw was a direct connection between the recent drop in user engagement and related crashes that were caused by outdated third-party libraries. “With the invaluable assistance of Embrace, we successfully tackled the challenge of reducing crashes caused by outdated third-party libraries,” said Le.” By thoroughly analyzing the data and fine-tuning our approach, we managed to eliminate 3% of the crashes, ensuring a more stable and reliable user experience for our app users.”
  • Efficient Debugging Process: Upon adopting Embrace, Lihuhu experienced a number of efficiency gains. The Embrace platform provided a comprehensive and efficient way to diagnose issues. Lihuhu’s team could now quickly navigate through detailed timelines of events leading up to a crash. This capability eliminated the previously time-consuming task of piecing together disparate logs and crash data. The impact of this change was significant. The time required for resolving crashes plummeted from weeks to just days, marking a substantial improvement in their operational efficiency. “Embrace has truly surpassed our expectations, far exceeding any tools we’ve used in the past,” Le said. “The level of detail it offers is remarkable, allowing us to expedite our crash resolution process from the previous 1-2 weeks down to 1-2 days. “Embrace has become an invaluable asset to our team, enabling us to swiftly address issues and deliver a seamless app experience to our users.”
  • ANR Rate Improvement: The integration of Embrace’s ANR Reporting tool marked another significant milestone for Lihuhu. The tool enabled them to comprehensively analyze the root causes of Application Not Responding (ANR) errors, by providing multiple stack traces and correlating ANRs with specific device types and user behaviors. For Lihuhu, Embrace offered a deeper understanding of what was causing their high ANR rates. This newfound clarity led to targeted improvements and optimizations. As a result, Lihuhu saw a 1% drop in ANR rates, which not only improved the player experience but also improved their standing on the Google Play Store. “We have only been using Embrace’s ANR Reporting tool for a few months, but we have already seen a 1% drop in ANRs,” Le said. “Because of this, our presence on the Google Play Store has improved. Embrace has provided us with the tools to proactively address ANRs, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for our users.”

These enhancements in the debugging process, and particularly around crash and ANR rate management, underscore the profound impact Embrace has had on Lihuhu’s operational efficiency and app quality.

Build better mobile experiences with Embrace

The collaboration with Embrace has enabled Lihuhu Games to redefine the standards of excellence in mobile gaming. With the support of Embrace’s tools and analytics, Lihuhu has been able to focus on innovation and enhancing player satisfaction, effectively overcoming the technical challenges that previously hindered their progress.

“Without Embrace, the frustrating reality is that users might opt to switch to a competitor’s app before waiting for weeks to see a problem resolved,” Le said. “But with Embrace, we’ve been able to solidify our position as a preferred choice in the mobile gaming space.”

Lihuhu’s experience with Embrace is a clear illustration of how the right tools can transform a company’s ability to manage complex mobile app ecosystems effectively.

The deep insights and analytics provided by Embrace enabled Lihuhu to not only identify and resolve technical issues swiftly but also to gain a better understanding of their user’s needs and preferences.

For other organizations aiming to enhance their mobile app performance and user experience, Embrace offers a proven solution.

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