Stay on top of
unusual app exits
with App Exit

Know when User Terminations, Out-of-Memory (OOM) Exits
and Uncategorized Exits (UE) might signal user-impacting
issues. Dive deeper to discover technical and behavioral root
causes that help you improve user experience and retention.

app exit

Proactively surface when users are force closing apps to uncover user-impacting issues

  • Easily visualize and correlate high volume user terminations with attributes like new feature releases, a new version or users in new geos so you can determine why a user cohort might be closing their app.
  • Surface the most common ‘last captured view’ seen before the termination to find any underlying issues with app pages, 3rd party Ads, images and more to improve page experiences and retention.
  • Get alerted on abnormal User Terminations and quickly dive in to user timelines to see exactly what led to the termination during critical launches, events or campaigns.

Spot exactly where your app is exceeding resource limits to easily resolve memory related terminations with Android Out-of-Memory Monitoring

  • Investigate high-level correlations of Android OOMs that may be disproportionately affecting subsets of your users with pre-built visualizations that showcase patterns across version, device, location and more.
  • Group OOMs across your ‘last captured views’ to quickly surface and prioritize views and features that may be consuming too much memory.
  • Inspect your full users session detail to spot other failure types that may have led to the OOM like network calls , image loading, webviews, or user flows to optimize every variable taking up memory resources.

Ensure you never miss a beat with Uncategorized Exits Monitoring for everything else

  • For iOS users it can be difficult to pinpoint OOM issues since there could be many reasons for termination including certificate expiration, excessive CPU usage, user access permissions, launch time and more. Embrace captures the full users session detail to help you spot these failure types that may have led to the exit and help you pinpoint if the exit is in fact due to iOS related memory issues like image loading, webviews, or user flows or something else.
Embrace testimonials Embrace testimonials

Embrace showed us where OOMs were stemming from loading too many images, like on our search results screen or in hotel image galleries. We can now prevent our app from exceeding resource limits by controlling the weight of images and only loading the ones that are necessary.

Sergi Massó

Lead iOS Engineer

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Sergi Massó

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