Analyze all network requests firing within a user flow via Embrace’s latest Performance Tracing update

Embrace's latest upgrade to our performance tracing feature lets engineers see all the network requests that occur in a user flow as individual spans within a larger trace instance. Engineers can now better understand the temporal relationship between network activity and other events within a flow, leading to quicker insights and faster issue resolution.

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Enhancing storage efficiency and reducing storage costs with s3-batch-object-store

Embrace reduced storage costs by 70% by creating an open source module for efficiently storing and retrieving objects from a single file in S3.

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Custom Dashboards

Historical look-back now available for Embrace Custom Dashboards

Embrace's Custom Dashboards now let customers analyze long-term trends in their app's health and performance with the new historical look-back feature. Explore a time frame for any datapoints captured by the Metrics API, which now powers these dashboards to allow for even greater analysis capabilities.

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User Timeline

Updates to Embrace’s User Sessions and Timeline

We've made some exciting new updates to Embrace's User Timeline and User Sessions pages. Read on to learn more about this, and how they can help engineers troubleshoot issues via rich context into the user experience.

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User Session Insights

What is a User Timeline?

Learn about the Embrace User Timeline: what it is, how it benefits your team, and how to best leverage the data from it to improve your app.

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