Optimize mobile app performance

Improve mobile app performance by proactively spotting performance risks for predefined user flows. Uncover the root causes of poor app performance with Embrace.

mobile app performance

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Easily find broken user flows

  • Remove guesswork and immediately visualize abandonment, stalled and crash rates for time based user flows and interactions that you define.
  • Investigate specific user flows with built-in sorting and filtering based on custom key-value pairs, app versions or time windows with no coding or query language required.
  • Improve first impression with app startup performance insights and alerting that lets you proactively detect launch time risk with custom thresholds.

Improve growth and retention

  • Determine the full business impact of performance issues with user impact insights on each revenue-generating user flow to know exactly how much performance issues may be costing your business (like “add to cart”, “purchase completion”, “photo upload”, “send and receive messaging”.
  • Dive deeper into the entire user journey to spot behavioral and technical root causes that may have caused drop off during these important retention or revenue generating user flows.
  • Determine if AD SDKs or 3rd party code may be impacting user experience with out-of-the-box advanced filtering and grouping capabilities to surface problematic 3rd party code.

Customize alerts and views

  • Create dashboards with custom widgets to spot user experience issues in real-time including app launch times, poor network performance, UI hangs, app exits, user impact across crashes and errors, response times and more.
  • Get a real-time, birds eye view into your key north star metrics including stability, performance, engagement, adoption, and other predefined metrics.
  • Proactively investigate poor user experiences for critical user flows with alerting on predefined custom thresholds, conditions and segments (e.g. device, user, region, app version, OS etc).

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Embrace showed us the business impact of our slow booking time and helped pinpoint the culprit. We reduced our average booking time from 20 seconds to just 5 seconds, and our bookings increased by 3% after resolving this issue.

Xavier Tous


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Xavier Tous

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