What’s the Android framework not telling you about ANRs? Learn more in our eBook.

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How Atlas Reality creates a seamless in-app purchase process with Embrace

Learn how Atlas Reality reduced their in-app purchase failures by 75% and improved player experiences using Embrace.

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Why is OpenTelemetry important for mobile?

OpenTelemetry is important in the observability space and it's also crucial in the mobile realm. We'll explore its significance in this post.

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User Session Insights

How stitched sessions in mobile apps provide full user experience visibility

Unleash the power of stitched sessions in mobile apps, as we delve into how this innovative approach provides comprehensive visibility into the complete user experience journey, allowing developers to analyze user interactions, uncover patterns, identify bottlenecks, and optimize app performance for a seamless and delightful user experience.

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user personas

The importance of monitoring user personas in mobile

Unlock the key to unlocking mobile success by understanding the importance of monitoring user personas, as we explore how tracking and analyzing user behaviors, preferences, and needs can help tailor mobile experiences, drive engagement, and build long-term customer loyalty in today's competitive mobile landscape.

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Custom Dashboards

New filtering on widget dashboards

Embrace the power of new filtering capabilities on widget dashboards, as we explore how this enhanced feature empowers developers to analyze specific data subsets, gain deeper insights, and make informed decisions to optimize their app's performance and user experience with precision.

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