What’s the Android framework not telling you about ANRs? Learn more in our eBook.

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How Atlas Reality creates a seamless in-app purchase process with Embrace

Learn how Atlas Reality reduced their in-app purchase failures by 75% and improved player experiences using Embrace.

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Why is OpenTelemetry important for mobile?

OpenTelemetry is important in the observability space and it's also crucial in the mobile realm. We'll explore its significance in this post.

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super apps

Super apps: What they are and why businesses are building them

Explore the rising trend of super apps and their growing popularity among businesses, as we delve into the concept, advantages, and market potential of these all-in-one platforms that seamlessly integrate multiple services and functionalities, empowering businesses to enhance user experiences, drive customer loyalty, and expand their market reach.

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App Exits

Eliminate frustrating mobile app experiences that cause user terminations

Say goodbye to frustrating mobile app experiences that lead to user terminations by leveraging comprehensive monitoring and optimization strategies, enabling developers to identify and address performance bottlenecks, crashes, and other issues that disrupt user journeys, resulting in improved app stability and enhanced user satisfaction.

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App Exits

Improve mobile app performance by solving OOMs

Unlock the secrets to improving mobile app performance by effectively solving Out of Memory (OOM) errors, as we explore memory management techniques, efficient resource allocation, and proactive monitoring strategies, enabling developers to optimize memory usage, enhance app stability, and deliver exceptional user experiences.

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Error Tracking

Adding visibility through logs and breadcrumbs

Enhance your application's visibility and troubleshooting capabilities by implementing logs and breadcrumbs, as we delve into how these valuable tools provide a detailed trail of events, user interactions, and system behavior, enabling developers to effectively diagnose issues, track user journeys, and optimize app performance for an enhanced user experience.

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Custom Dashboards

Use real-time dashboards to answer key business questions in mobile

Harness the power of real-time dashboards to gain actionable insights and answer key business questions in the mobile realm, as we explore how dynamic visualizations, data aggregation, and customizable metrics provide a comprehensive view of user behavior, engagement, and performance, enabling informed decision-making and driving business growth in the fast-paced mobile industry.

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press release

Embrace announces Andrew Tunall as head of product

Embrace welcomes Andrew Tunall as the new Head of Product, bringing his extensive industry expertise and visionary leadership to drive product innovation, enhance user experiences, and propel Embrace's mission of empowering developers to optimize their mobile app performance.

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App Performance

Track key user moments to improve mobile app performance

Unlock the power of tracking key user moments to drive mobile app performance improvements, as we explore how monitoring critical user interactions, such as app launches, feature engagements, and transaction completions, can provide invaluable insights for optimizing app performance, identifying bottlenecks, and delivering a seamless user experience.

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